Cover Girl Professioncal Translucent Powder


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This is one of the better setting powders that I’ve used. Before purchasing this one, i was using a different brand of loose powder. I wasn’t a big fan of the one I was using before because of the pale/washed out tone it would give my face. I wanted one that would mattify my makeup but at the same time, keep color to my face. Thankfully, this powder did exactly what i needed it to.


Things I Liked…


The powder is really that of good quality. I really appreciate the consistency of it because when you apply, there isn’t too much excess that will fall and get everywhere. The consistency helps it to be really clean and stick. I also liked the fact that it’s a creamy tan color rather than a chalky white. That’s what helps prevent that annoying pale look some setting powders can give. One  of my favorite things about this translucent powder is how it mattes your face without leaving it looking chalky. It gives the nice clean, smooth, and airbrushed look that we shoot for when doing our makeup. Another one of my favorite things about using it is, you can apply it as many times as you want throughout the day without it starting to look cakey and thick (Which is amazing). Lastly, i really like how there isn’t any visible residue after brushing it off, so it blends perfectly with your foundation.


Things I Didn’t…

Surprisingly (because I’m super picky when it comes to doing my makeup) there wasn’t too much about the powder that i disliked. The makeup itself doesn’t have any bad qualities. The only thing i wasn’t a big fan of was the applicator that comes with the powder. It’s not too good with applying nor brushing away the powder. Other than that though, i would say this is a pretty good product and even better for the price.


Side Note…

I will usually wear makeup somewhere around 3 times a week. With that being said, it’s lasted me a pretty long time. If you wear makeup around as much as i do, it can easily last you at least a month, if not a little more.


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