e.l.f. Cosmetics Makeup Brushes: Affordable Brushes

Recently, I was in Ulta and I saw that they had an entire section put up of E.L.F Cosmetics makeup brushes. I noticed immediatelty how reasonably priced the E.L.F collection was. Especially because makeup brushes of quality will def cost you. I hadn’t heard anything, good or bad, on their products before but i still wanted to just try them out and see (especially for the price).

The Brushes I Bought

‘Small Angled Brush’


‘Eyeshadow “C” Brush’


‘Ultimate Blending Brush’



Quality, Application, Blending…

One of the first things i noticed when i got the brushes was that they were of pretty good quality. They aren’t made of cheap easily breakable plastic, which i did appreciate. They also look really nice as far as appearance. I liked the fact they they are able to apply makeup with smoothly. The bristles are soft and don’t shed so this helps with smooth application of foundation and eyeshadow. They also do blend the makeup out well so you don’t get any lines and marks in your foundation.


My very first time using the big blending brush, I did notice that the top half of the brush was wobbly. So even tho i had a good grip on the brush, it still wasn’t sturdy. Granite it did stay after I twisted it back in place, it was my first time using it when it happened.

Overall, The brushes are great for the price that they are. I would definitely recommend  to anyone who is looking for makeup accessories but not wanting to spend a ton on it.


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