Creme Of Nature Argan Oil: Repairing Heat Damage

As women, we do so much to our hair on a regular basis. As a black women, we do a lot when it comes to straightening our hair. I can personally admit that i live for a good flat-iron. But doing this too much can definitely damage and alter your natural hair texture/pattern. I can even admit that for a while, all that i was doing was straightening my hair. After a while i started to notice that my hair would barely curl at all, even when wet. This led me to start thinking about if my hair was just permanently damaged.

I started doing a bunch of research on different products that could possibly get my hair back to its natural state. Everything from shampoos, conditioners, styling creams, and masques. (Keep in mind, the best way to keep your natural curls is to stay away from heat altogether). There are tons of products our there for this very purpose but the one that stuck out to me was the Creme of Nature hair masque. I didn’t know where to start but what i did know was that i wanted a deep conditioning treatment that i could let sit in my hair. This product was just that. 


The Product

The Creme of Nature Strengthening Hair Mask is made with argon oil. It’s for restoring and rebuilding distressed curls that could be a result of years of heat damage. It’s a thick conditioning like cream that you use after washing your hair. You’ll want to apply a generous amount of the product to towel dried hair (your hair shouldn’t be completely dry). You should make sure to use it weekly to get the best results.

What I Noticed

It had only been a month of me refraining from heat completely when i started using this product. My very first time using the masque, i noticed that my hair was shinier, softer, and the curl deepened almost immediately. After my third or fourth time using the product, my curls were noticeably tighter, It makes your hair look very strong and healthy. I would really recommend you use it at least once a week. 

I would definitely recommend this product because it really works to hydrate your hair and repair years of breakage/damage. None of the chemicals in it are harsh on your hair at all, so you can leave the product in as long as you need. There are even times when i will put the masque in, let my hair dry, and just style and go. It’s very simple and easy to use, and it does have instructions (very few of them), but you can really just use the product as you please, and how you think it will work best for your hair.


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