Best Lash Enhancing Mascara

As girls, we live for some nice, pretty lashes. We all want our lashes to look long, healthy, and full. If you’re anything like me, you have tons of mascaras but only use just a few out of the bunch. There are tons of mascaras out there but not every single one gets the job done the way we want.  We want to find that quality mascara that’s going to transform our lashes from blah to bomb. Below are my top 5 favorite mascaras that i have used and that i find really extend your natural eyelashes.

5. Love Natural ‘Fiber Lashes’

The fiber lashes from Love Natural is really good with making your lashes look super full and thick. It has the unique natural fiber mascara brush that gives a little extra fill to your eyelashes. The mascara itself is very smooth and the brush is great for moving through every lash. It can easily be found on amazon or even alliexpress.

4. Rimmel London ‘Scandaleyes Retro Glam’

The Scandaleyes mascara has a larger brush that’s pretty thick. It also helps with thickening your lashes and making them noticeably fuller. You can get it at either Walmart, Target,  or your local pharmacy/beauty supply store.

3. Loreal Paris ‘Voluminous Lash Paradise’

This one has a really thick brush that is good for applying a good amount of the product throughout your lashes evenly. You can find it at your local pharmacy and/or beauty supply store.

2. Essence ‘Lash Princess’ 

Lash Princess is really, really good, and one of my personal favs. The brush is very crisp and stays so even weeks after use. It’s so good with separating your lashes and extending every one. You’ll immediately notice extension in your lashes. The application is very smooth, leaving your eyelashes noticably longer. I usually pick it up from CVS.

1. Loreal Paris ‘Voluminous Original’

This is an all time fav of mine and my go-to mascara. My mom used this for over a decade and it’s still her all time favorite mascara as well. Not only is it so smooth but it works amazing and leaves you with visibly longer and thicker lashes. You can find it pretty much anywhere that has beauty/makeup section.


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